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Basic Computer Training Course|Institutes|Classes in Powai, Mumbai| KNOWLEDGETECH
Course Duration: 2 Months

IT TrainingKnowledgeTech is an established Computer Institute in Powai, Mumbai that trains you in Basic Computer Courses. Basic Computer training includes training in WORD,EXCEL,POWER POINT, Internet etc..

KnowledgeTech, an established IT Training, Service Provider & Web Development Firm in Powai believes in empowerment of education through Complete IT based Solutions.

Learn Fundamentals of Computers with Office 2007, Draft Documents using Word, maintain data sheets in excel and give a productive presentation using powerpoint.
Understand the working of internet and better your options to work more freely and efficiently by emails and social networking.

IT Training
Course Curriculum
  • Hands on Training on Windows Operating System

    - Fundamentals of Computers, Working with a Mouse

    - Accessories:Paint, WordPad, Control Panel, Desktop Features

    - Windows Explorer

    - File & Directory Management

  • Microsoft Word


    - Using Tab Bars & Toolbars

    - Page Setup, Standard & Format Tool Bar

    - Drawing Tools,Autoformat,Inserting Pictures

    - Newspaper style Columns, Borders & Shading

    - Headers & Footers, Inserting Symbols

    - Bullet & Numbering, Spell Check, Grammar

    - Thesaurus, Word Count, Auto Text Entry

    - Auto Correct, Creating Tables, Sorting

    - Mail Merge

  • Microsoft Excel


    - Electronic Spreadsheet Concept

    - Formatting Fonts, Numbers, Auto-Format

    - Relative & Absolute Reference, Date & Currency Formatting

    - Formula charts & Graphs, 2D/3D Graphs

    - Pie, Line Cone, Formatting Charts

    - Data Values, Sub Total Reports, Auto Filters

    - Password Protecting Worksheets,Linking Multiple Sheets

    - Intro. to MACRO's, Nested If's, Sheet Referencing.

  • Microsoft Powerpoint


    - Electronic Slide Presentation

    - Giving Animation & Transition Effects

    - Slide Formatting, Theme & Slide Layout

    - Clipart Charts-Organisation Chart

    - Setting up a Slide Show & Giving Timings


  • Playing Videos & Music

    Media Playing

    - Windows Media Player

    - Multi Media,Task Bar Area

    - Playback Controls

    - Copying VCD,DVD,ACD Players

    - Play-Pause-Stop-Seek

    - Volume Control-Shuffle

  • Internet Browsing & Socializing

    Internet Browsing

    - Web Browsers, Connecting to Internet

    - Surfing,Searching the Net

    - Emailing:-Send & Receiving,Attachments,Sending Images

    - Chatting, Dowloading, Web Radio

    - Sending Greeting Cards, E-Shopping

    - Auction on various Web Sites Ebay...etc.