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CCNA & MCSE Preparatory Career Course
Course Duration: 6 Months

IT Training

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Course Curriculum
  • Hardware Training ( A+ ) with CCNA

    1. PC Hardware Concepts :Assemble your Own Computer

    2. Micro Processors

    3. Motherboards & Memory

    4. Slots

    5. Interfacing Devices

    6. Peripheral Devices

    7. Disk Drives

    8. 100% Practical Assembling of Computer

    9. Configuring CMOS Setup

    10. Partitioning & Formatting of Hard Disk

    11. MultiMedia : WEB CAMERA & CD WRITER Installation.

    12. Internet Configuration & Setup

    13. Diagnosing and Troubleshooting

    14. Printer Installation & Driver Updation

    15. Installing Operating System

    16. Installation, Configuration & Upgrading Softwares

    17. Troubleshooting & Virus

    18. Software Installation Windows, MsOffice, Accounting S/W...etc.

  • Networking Fundamentals ( N+ )

    1. Networking Protocols, Resource Sharing.

    2. Networking Topologies

    3. Transmission Media

    4. Inter Network Devices

    5. Network Cabling System: LAN

    6. Switch Installation

    7. Twisted Pair CRIMPING (Straight & Crossover) . RJ-45 Crimps.

    8. Configuring Windows Configuring Names, Workgroups.

    9. Dual Booting

    10.Configuring & Troubleshooting Windows

    11.Sharing Printers, Hard Disks, Security.


    Implementing Cisco Networks

    Internetworking overview

    IP addressing

    Assembling and cabling Cisco devices

    Router fundamentals

    Basic router configuration

    IP routing

    Routing protocols

    Basic IP traffic management with access control lists

    Establishing serial point-to-point connection

    Establishing frame relay connection


    Catalyst switch operation

    Virtual LAN

    VPN (ipsec and ssl)


    Wireless LAN

    ITIL and Firewall Basics

    Helpdesk fundamentals and Technomarketing

    Troubleshooting system and networks

    System migration/backup and restore

    New Technology seminars