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Certified Professional Hacker Course
Course Duration: 42 HrsIT Training

KnowledgeTech, an established IT Training, Service Provider & Web Development Firm in Powai believes in empowerment of education through Complete IT based Solutions. We represent a brand that acknowledges and delivers education & all IT based requirements & services with excellence.

For the First time in Powai, in alliance with SecMagus we bring to you a career trend course in Ethical Hacking - (Certified Professional Hacker).

It is a course that suffices all the present requirement of the current IT Industry which longs for Security.

Course Curriculum
  • Section 1 : Introduction & Overview

    TCP/IP Fundamentals

    Operating System Fundamentals

    Web Application & Database Fundamentals

    Introduction to Ethical Hacking

    Advanced Persistent Threats

    Steps to proceed in Ethical Hacking Nmap Concepts & Flags

  • Section 2 : Introduction to OS Fundamentals & Security

    Windows Security:-

    Attacking windows system information

    Physical security

    Securities Policies

    User rights authorities

    Windows System Security

    Linux Security :-

    User & Group

    User & Group Security

    File System Security

    Unix Network Security

    Linux Security

    Operating System Security

  • Section 3: Network Security


    Advanced Google Hacking

    Nmapping the network

    Port Scanning


    Secure Network Design





    WLAN security



    Types and Sources of Network Threats

  • Section 4 : Web Application Security

    Web Application Security Concepts

    OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities

    Injections Flaws

    XSS (Cross Site Scripting)

    Broken Authentication and session management

    Cross Site Requst Frogery (CSRF)

    Security Mis-configuration

    Insecure Cryptographic Storage

    Failure to Restrict URL Access

    Insufficient TransportLayer Protection

    Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

  • Section 5: Metaploit & Social Engineering


    Social Engineering

    What is Social Engineering

    Common Types of Attacks

    Online Social Engineering

  • Section 6: Real Time Hacking

    Web-Shell Upload


    Token Impersonation

    Xp_cmd shell

    BlindSQL version enumeration

    LFI to RCE attacks


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