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Ruby On Rails Course
Course Duration: 2 Months

IT Training

KnowledgeTech, an established IT Training, Service Provider & Web Development Firm in Powai believes in empowerment of education through Complete IT based Solutions. We represent a brand that acknowledges and delivers education & all IT based requirements & services with excellence.

Course Curriculum
  • Ruby On Rails

    - Configure and install Ruby and Rails

    - Learn the basics of the Ruby language

    - Build a new Rails application from scratch

    - Setup and manage databases with migrations

    - Learn how to configure Rails' routing

    - Practice test-driven development (TDD) with Rspec

    - Learn about behavior-driven development (BDD) with Cucumber

    - Leverage ActiveRecord with associations, validations and callbacks

    - Understand resources and REST, and how to use them in a Rails application

    - Learn how to find and use plugins

    - Understand the various deployment options for Rails applications

    - Understand Rails' opinions and how to embrace or override them