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XI IT/XIth IT/11th IT training |institutes |classes |course in powai,mumbai.KNOWLEDGETECH

XIth IT / 11th IT training Institutes | classes in powai,mumbai.KNOWLEDGETECH
  • XI - IT ( Science Stream )

    1. Introduction to Information Technology

    2. Office Suits

    3. Multimedia

    4. Web Browsers, E-mail Clients & Messenger Utilities

    5. Introduction To Networking

    6. Introduction To Visual Basic

    7. HTML

    8. Introduction To JavaScript

    Course Duration: 8 Months
  • XI - IT ( Commerce Stream ) - Click to Open

    1. Introduction to Information Technology

    2. Office Suit

    3. Multi Media

    4. Web Browsers, E-mail Clients and Messenger Utilities

    5. File and Disc Utilities

    6. Basic Database Concepts

    7. Overview of Accounting Software Package

    8. HTML

    Course Duration: 8 Months

Program Highlights

In our XI & XII program each term covers an active duration of one year in which teaching will be comprehensive, studying will be rigorous and no effort will be spared to get the best from each student.
No deserving student will be deprived of our coaching. The earlier you approach us for registration, the better choice you will have for selecting your batch.

Training Methodology

1) Our Rigorous and comprehensive training methodology carried out by our experienced and qualified faculties will satisfy all your knowledge requirements.
2) Well equipped Practical Labs to cater to all your practical requirements.
3) Career Councelling to students of the XII standard to help them make the right choice to select their career.

Periodic Tests & Assessments

Tests form a major feature of our integrated coaching programme. Regular Tests & Chapter wise assessments will be conducted to keep a track on students progress. The detailed timetable will be provided to students well in advance, this will help them to properly plan their studies.